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Cost Segregation/Tax Mitigation/R&D:

We go beyond the scope of your CPA and perform this study via our Engineers that uncover vast additional tax benefits. IRS prefers this method but the majority of CPA's don't have the internal qualified Engineers required. You will find your tax professional is happy to endorse our services for your

benefit and will refer us to their clients as well.

Follow this link to calculate the Tax Credit estimate awaiting your approval. 

Sample Services:

While not all of these are applicable to each business we find our average client will benefit immensely from 4-7 specific platforms offered. This is just a brief overview list of some of the more common services we offer. The average client benefit is $282,000.


Calculate your Tax Credits in 1 minute at this link and get full details on how much you are missing out on. This is free MONEY..99% of business owners know nothing about this....Click the Link.

A Few of our over 40 Services

  Cost Segregation

  Worker's Opportunity Tax Credit

· Property Tax Mitigation

· Merchant Services Audits

· Pharmacy Benefit Management Audit

· Corporate/Commercial Lending

· Retail “No Credit Check” Financing

· R & D Tax Credits

· Hiring Incentive Credits

· Waste Disposal Credit

· Deregulation Energy Options

· Energy Tax Credit Audits

· Worker’s Compensation Audit

· Vendor Screening

· Freight & Parcel Audit

· Commercial Equipment Lease Audit

· Sales Tax Audit

· Property Lease Audit

· Industry Specific Tax Stimulus

· Free Client Business Evaluations

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