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Gary D. Silcox

Gary D. Silcox, Agency
Consultant To Fortune 500 Firms, CEO Int'l. Reinsurance Company,

  Director of National Associations, COO of Corporate Risk Consultants & a TPA.

This program differentiates you from the rest of the competition and allows conversations with clients and prospective investors in a whole new light.  Not only would this facilitate for a quicker sale but, also allow recontact with all previous buyers or prospects to reevaluate their holdings or potential properties of interest.  Bottom line is that now you could approach any property knowing you have a price for a buyer that is up to 8% lower than competing realtors.  This program does not affect any offering price, sale price or your commissions but, it does increase your earnings with a residual effect. 

This program is only applicable to commercial holdings.  So if this is your mainstay of sales then it behooves you to learn about this amazing program you can represent.