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Gary D. Silcox

Gary D. Silcox, Agency
Consultant To Fortune 500 Firms, CEO Int'l. Reinsurance Company,

  Director of National Associations, COO of Corporate Risk Consultants & a TPA.


An average business client's financial gain is nearly $300,000 using our specialized tax and audit platforms with absolutely no risk.

We bear all costs to quantify your new found financial benefits before you ever decide to engage our service.  You risk nothing, incur no cost and stand to gain  substantially.

We maintain relationships with multiple sources so as to bring top experts in every professional field to 

benefit you, your business or employees.


As our client you will have access to Attorneys, CPA’s, Engineers, Insurance,  Analysts, Corporate Finance Specialists, Retail Finance, Third Party Administrators, Financial Planners, 401k Administrators, Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Business Brokers and More…  Each one working for the benefit of your business to improve profits, services, tax savings and benefits.  All at no risk to you and with no upfront costs while delivering quantified results producing financial gains for you and your business.


  *Consulting fees are on a contingency basis while any reference to Insurance products are based on commissions paid by the insuring company.